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Who Can Join

We have a singular focus – deep sustainable impact in India. While a rural foothold will benefit, the core competence of the start-ups has to be a sustainable solution to a rural problem or a strategic leverage of an urban opportunity. Eliminating any locational Constraints.

Age, qualifications, gender, product category, industry, and other reasons should not hold you back and neither should the start-up development stage. Be it product development, logistics, prototyping, market-product fit, business model, cash flow, branding, or scalability, whichever challenge you are looking at; if you are an entrepreneur striving to make a difference in neal India, apply now.

If you have a product idea, we will assist you develop prototypes, product-market fit, target customer feedback, business model, business plan and business rollout. If your start-up has proof of concept, we will help with your production, quick iterations, generation of new growth avenues, marketing, and business strategy. You will focus on the business rollout of your start-up while creating a lasting impact. A socio-economically responsible start-up at any stage of development will find a helpful and corporate-savvy team at IINPACT.

All we want is an innovative and economically viable product, service, or idea that provides an effective solution. So, you must have in-depth understanding of a rural problem or an urban opportunity. For a solution-oriented go-getter with a well-conceived and viable solution that works, there is no better incubation programme.

How to Apply

Fill out the online form. Then, selected entrepreneurs will get a chance to participate in the screening process.

Step 1. Aspiring entrepreneurs will fill out the online form before February 28, 2023.

Step 2. A basic screening process will be undertaken.

Step 3. The shortlisted candidates will be notified by March 07, 2023.

Step 4. A week long Boot Camp will begin on March 19, 2023.

Step 5. Incubation Journey commences on May 02, 2023.

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