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Leveraging an Urban Opportunity

Creating a Sustainable Impact

Launchpad for grassroots
startup in India

What is IINpact?

IINpact (ICICI Incubator for Impact) is hybrid incubation programme for grassroots start-ups across India. From boot camp and mentoring to hands-on advice about your product, business and operations, there will be no shortage of support. Our business and industry knowledge partners and a network of on-ground mentors will support you in every challenge and setback. The program will be conducted in hybrid model i.e. physically and digitally as per the different stages.

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A boot camp

A week long boot camp is a great start. You will receive guidance about business fundamentals from business planning, product development, financial structuring, and modelling and legal frameworks to pitch creation.

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You will receive mentoring from industry experts, as required. You will receive managerial inputs about legal, finance, compliance, and marketing. With the industry-specific and operational knowledge, practical advice about regional market connects, supply networks, market access and business rollouts, you will have all-inclusive support at every developmental stage.

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Mentors and experts will conduct periodic on-the-field diagnostics for each start-up. You can receive and implement ongoing feedback and course corrections for relevant strategic improvements in your enterprise.

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Business review

We will use several business review and analysis tools to understand and improve the business performance and output. Periodic feedback will be taken from the stake holders and the Incubatees to improve go to market strategy.

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Investor day

After completing the program successfully, the incubatee will graduate and will receive a certificate in a convocation ceremony with an opportunity to raise funds and pitch to potential investors.

Why IINpact

IINpact is the creation of ICICI Foundation with sector-specific experts providing a unique opportunity for start-ups in India. Focused on you, your product, and what your start-up needs to grow, we offer a boost with these 4 pillars.

why iinpact

For Grassroots Start-Ups Only

While incubators are sprouting everywhere, our focus is on supporting real India. If your product or service solves a problem for rural India or optimises urban resources, this will be the most widespread and holistic opportunities for your business growth.

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Free-of-cost funding and service support

Funded by ICICI Foundation, we offer interest-free, expense-free and non-dilutive funding. You will not need to spend any funds to join and participate in this programme or use the services.

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Industry and Business Insights

Industry expert advice will accelerate your start-up to the next level. You will get advice and insights from the industry experts about the production process and business development to grow your profit margins exponentially.

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A Tri-Dimensional Partnership

Your start-up will receive tri-dimensional support from ICICI Foundation, XIM University and sector-specific experts. With their mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive experience, this team is well-equipped to provide holistic support for every challenge you might face.